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Finding Inspiration in Logan, Utah

Utah State Marketing Campaign


National Exposure

Reaching a Wider Audience

To say that we look forward to working with Utah State each year is a bit of an understatement. We LOVE the Aggies! The folks in Logan give us the kind of creative freedom most agencies dream about. And after several years of working together, they trust our vision and are always eager to indulge our artistic impulses.

And as it happens, the profile of the program has risen dramatically in recent years, particularly outside of Utah. So the challenge was to continue promoting each of USU’s varsity sports to a local audience while also building the brand on a national scale.


Utah State University


Marketing, Development, Communications, Ticketing


Graphic Design, Photography

charleston classic background artwork


Exploring the West through Typography

This year’s campaign development centered around an exploration of typography of the Old West.

In some ways, those wild days of pioneers are still alive in Logan, so we wanted to tip our hats to the past and develop a campaign to bridge the eras. Using a mix of bold, unique, archival typefaces and mountain imagery from the area, our designs harkened back to the origins of the University and Cache Valley in the 1880s. Mixed with modern photography from our annual photoshoot, each piece linked old with new to present the teams in a unique way.

Utah State cup
Utah State cup

A Unique Nod to History

Linking to the Region’s Past

Strong support from our partners at USU allowed us to put on our creative cowboy hats and develop concepts that strayed from more traditional athletic campaigns. This year, it was truly a good mix of the old and new.

Once again, we created a campaign that promoted the excitement and success of the Aggies to fans and alumni. But we also continued to raise the profile of the program on a national level by garnering critical acclaim for our designs from across the country.

charleston classic background artwork